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TV Shows Currently

Here's a list of the current shows I'm following.

Quantico on ABC. New show and I like it very much. The kid that played Puck's little brother on Glee is on it. Rest are unknown actors but I like them. The story keeps on twisting and turning. Based on the FBI training program and a current terrorist plot.

Major Crimes on TNT. Spinoff from The Closer that ended. Same actors and a few new ones. A police crime drama. Good season this year with a continuing saga about one long case.

Rizzoli and Isles on TNT. Another crime drama based on a series of books by Tess Gerritsen. I like the actresses.

Marvel's Agents of Shield on ABC. TV show based on that part of the Marvel universe. Of course it's just awesome and I adore the tie-ins to the movies.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments on Freeform. Based on the book series. Better than the movie they made. Love the actors and the plots.

American Crime on ABC. Very intriguing drama show. Twisting plotlines.

Lip Sync Battle on Spike. Love this show! Two well known figures lip sync to music while also dancing and dressing up to compete against each other.

Vikings on History. Show based on certain true events from history. Follows the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and his family as they raid, battle the elements, and carve out history across several countries in Europe.


Hospital Again

Right now I am sitting in a room in Lakeland Regional Medical Center. My grandmother is sleeping with oxygen being pushed into her through a calendula. She has been in the hospital for over two weeks now. They sent her to rehab for a day but that didn't go so well so she went right back into the hospital. She's having respiratory problems and is in congestive heart failure. I find myself watching her just to make sure that her chest is moving up and down since she's being so quiet. You see....for almost all of my life she has snored. Loudly. So this is sort of surreal.

Nanny will be 80 in May. She has been battling with health issues for about a year and a half now seriously. In an hour and a half, they are going to come in to put the bipap mask back on her face. She doesn't like it but otherwise she has sleep apnea and doesn't get enough oxygen when she's sleeping. She also gets confused late at night when she wakes up as she's sleeping. I don't know what's going to happen since the way her condition is now, she'd need around the clock care. She would have to have oxygen all the time for sure. Anyway, keep us in your thoughts as we all wait to see what happens.


The Crescent City

So I drove down on Wednesday. I got to cross Lake Pontchartrain on the way in. I knew it was big but I never realized just how big. Now I understand. I arrived at the hotel and checked in. It's right on St. Charles Ave which is great. Immediate access to the streetcar and the garden district. I looked around some and made a few plans. Today, I slept in and then went and found the grocery store and bought victuals. Then I went down to the pool and got some sun and got in the water since it was hot as heck.

Tomorrow I am getting free breakfast and then I am probably going to do a self guided tour of the garden district and the cemetery. Going to take pictures. :) Then I have a French Quarter tour planned. Pictures with that too. Then maybe some streetcar riding to some places I want to eat at. Have to say, it's nice to be on vacation. Wish someone was here with me though. Ah well.



So for those of you who don't know, I've been dealing with an ongoing situation and I need to write things down and get it out so here I go.

My grandmother fell a month ago or so and went into the hospital. She kept getting worse and they said she had a stroke. Then she had a heart episode and got pneumonia. Then they transferred her to a bigger hospital and she went into intensive care. She got out of there but she had a blood clot they had to deal with and then went into rehab which was a joke. They never tried to get her to do anything. They gave her pain meds and she went unresponsive. So no more pain meds. Then she started to lose some of her mental faculties and started to forget where she was and what was going on sometimes.

Well, now instead of sending her to a real rehab for a few weeks here, my grandfather has decided to transport her to Florida where she will go into a nursing home.

Here's the problem. He's decided to do this even though it isn't in her best interests or his for the time being. Financially, it could mean his house(s) being taken, his assets being taken, one of his vehicles being taken, and leaving him without anything to live on. Sure, they should have prepared for this sometime ago, but they never did. Not only that, but transporting her to Florida is going to be expensive. And he doesn't have that much money. Apparently people seem to think he does, but he doesn't. He hasn't worked in some time and they don't have anything put back like they used to.

Besides that, she has a bleeding issue that they haven't fixed yet so there's a possibility she wouldn't survive the transport. So they could be in Georgia somewhere and she could die with no one there. He has to pack up and go there too and living expenses for him in Florida are much higher than they are in Tennessee.

The reason why he has decided to do this is mainly because my Aunt and Uncle want my grandmother there where she is near them. They believe she will be better cared for in Florida where they can be there whenever they want. Here's reality. My Uncle is a truck driver. He isn't home very often. My Aunt works almost as much as I do and she has a husband going through a medical issue that she needs to pay attention to. So I don't foresee them being able to care for Nanny like they want to. Despite that, they continually urge my grandfather, despite the risks and the financial problems, to bring her there.

I know they love her and they mean well but they have to understand that it isn't the best decision for everyone concerned. This is something grandfather has to live with for the rest of his life. He is already under a lot of stress. He needs support, not people pushing him to do what they want him to do. He wants Nanny taken care of just as much as they do, but if he has no funds and isn't able to take care of her, then how is that going to solve the problem? And I know my Aunt keeps forgetting that it is his decision to make, not hers. Yes it is her mother, but she is his wife and legally, he is in charge.

The problem is that Papa is non-confrontational. He won't stand up and say-this is what it is. He's never been that way in his life. He avoids conflict and is passive aggressive. So he won't tell my Aunt and Uncle this is what it's going to be. Instead, he will avoid the situation and go along with it even though it will harm him to do so.

I love everyone in my family and I too want Nanny to be taken care of. But I don't like seeing my family ripped apart to do it. My mother and my Aunt are on opposite sides of the decision. My Uncle seems to be going along with my Aunt which is of course upsetting my grandfather. And he isn't that young either. He could easily have a heart attack or some other problem, especially with all the stress. And then who will take care of him?

I know that Nanny has been upset and she says she wants to go to Florida, but she is not mentally stable right now or able to function. She can't make those sorts of decisions and most of the time she doesn't really know what's going on anyway. Grandfather is trying to listen to her and he doesn't want to see her hurting or in pain so he gives in to what she wants, despite it not being the best choice sometimes.

I just wish people didn't have to be ugly towards each other and they could sit down and talk it out reasonably like adults and come to the best decision for all concerned instead of worrying about just one part of the equation, not thinking about the consequences of the decision or not caring. Because not only will this effect my grandparents for years to come but it will also effect family relationships.

People won't forget the ugliness and they may not forgive, meaning you will never have the respect, love, and closeness you have now with those family members. Is that worth sacrificing? So my advice is to pray about it and choose-what would God have you do?

Current TV fetishes

TV Shows I am currently watching or watch:
1. Gotham- on Fox, a show about the origin stories of Batman, supervillains, and police.
2. Bones- On Fox too. They killed Sweets in the season premiere. Seriously.
3. Rizzoli and Isles-A nice little crime show on TNT about two women. Based on book series.
4. Glee- On Fox. One more season folks. bound to be a rough one if rumors are any indication
5. Justified-Love Raylan. One more season here too which will kill me. On FX
6. Outlander-YAY! only it was the midseason finale and apparently it's on hiatus for awhile. On Starz and based on book series
7. Major Crimes-spinoff from the Closer on TNT. Like Mary McDonald more now
8. Longmire-On A&E cancelled after second season. Hoping someone will pick it up. Great show!
9. Duck Dynasty-Also on A&E. Obligatory have to watch since I am a redneck hillbilly by birth
10. Little People Big World-On TLC, love them and have to see what happens as they get older
11. Sister Wives-Also on TLC, same thing I am now invested to see what they do
12. The Following-On Fox. Can't imagine what next season will be like. Hm.
13. Marvel's Agents of Shield-On ABC, also a comic but about the Marvelverse instead.
14. The Last Ship-OMG, Navy show. Love.
15. American Horror Story (started watching when it was Coven, need to see priors)-On FX.

There are alot of shows on ABC I wished I watched, but it's too late to get into them now, like Nashville, Once Upon a Time, etc. On FX I wanted to see The Bridge (might catch up online). I don't watch anything unless I see it from the beginning. Now if someone wants to donate some DVDs so I can catch up, then hey. Never got to watch The Vampire Diaries either.

As far as premium channels, Starz is all I have so shows like The Borgias, Dexter, Game of Thrones, etc I've never watched though I wanted to. I do have all the episodes of Sex and the City on DVD though.

Shows I want on DVD:
Need more seasons of Bones to be current
Need all seasons of Justified
Need season 7 of BTVS
Need boxed set of Angel
Need all seasons of Supernatural



I have several goals I would like to accomplish but they all hinge on achieving one-becoming debt free. I had relatively no debt up until about three years ago. So now I have to take care of that. All of my medical expenses are paid. I just need to manage the two credit cards and the loans.

It'll be slow going with only one income coming in, but I'm trying. I also forgo as much as I can to put it towards that. And of course when I do manage it-it will help my credit.

The things I want to do once it's done-
1. Travel again: I'd love to enjoy a few more trips a year or even just one that is farther afield. Perhaps take mom and sister with me.
2. Trade in my car: I know, get rid of debt to get more...but if I did it, I'd be trading in the car and putting down a large down payment so that the financing wouldn't be that much. And then I could have a vehicle under warranty. Keeping in mind that mine is now over 10 years old.
3. Buy a house: Eventually I would like to own my own home. For now I am content where I am but it would be good to be able to at least own some land to put something on.


Single Disease

So I've decided to maybe become one of those bloggers who really shares their personal thoughts. Maybe people will read it and maybe they won't. I'm going to blog about me and what I know. So yes, most of that is going to be about the life of a single girl who is approaching 30 and isn't really happy. We'll have a look at some aspects of life and I'll poke a stick at it.

So to start-I am single. I am very single. I am so single I can't even say I've been on a date in a long time. I don't have prospects. We're talking no pickings here people. And it's not that I am unattractive. I'm not a beauty queen, but I'm not hideous either. I clean up well. And I'm funny. I'm also intelligent. And yet-nope.

There are a few reasons why it's harder for me to form relationships and I won't go into those, but I really wish things would change on the romance front. One of those is probably the fact that I work ALOT. That means I have less time to be social and go out and do things. But I do make time every now and again. I thought about doing that eharmony thing but I don't have the cash to be spending on a subscription to use the service. Most of the other services like match.com are just as expensive. Plentyoffish is the only free one but people on there aren't the same quality. They aren't committed and looking for a serious relationship most of the time.

Even at this point in my life, I've never had a real longterm relationship. It's not for lack of me reaching out. Maybe I'm intimidating? There are a few guys I know that I think I could start something with, but none of them are anywhere nearby so that's impossible. Being lonely and not having any companionship or support makes life harder. Instead of tackling it as a team, you are on your own and fail and succeed on your own. When you fail, there's no one but you to pull you up. You come home to no one.

I will also say that I don't have any very close friends. There's one person that I could see becoming one but we're not there yet. Maybe, we'll see. It's hard not having someone to talk to, go places with, hang out with, and understand. People need to have support. Friends help each other.

So there's my diatribe on being single and if anyone wants to set me up on blind dates, have at it.

I need to get things done

I know I haven't written in awhile. Mostly because my life is so unglamorous that there is nothing to write about. So I suppose this post is really just to give a glimpse into my current boringness in preparation for my vacation with my sister which will be an epic post.

So things I need to do:
1. Get clothes fixed. Status: Gave to Nanny to give to alterations lady to get fixed
2. Get watch fixed. Status: sent off to watch people to get fixed
3. Purchase and install a closet organizer in my bedroom closet Status: have picked out organizer but have not purchased or installed
4. Get new glasses Status: need to go down there and take them my prescription and get the glasses
5. Get new plants and repot my pots on the porch. Status: Haven't done a thing

Dentist Debacle

Okay so for those of you who know me, you would know I hate going to the dentist. I never had a cavity until I was 21 years old despite dodgy brushing habits. Thanks Mom for putting fluoride vitamins in me as a kid. Plus we had city water all through my young life with fluoride in the water. So anyway, I had that filling redone later but it was the same one. So about a year or so ago I went to the dentist (the first grownup one I had ever seen). And he said my mouth had deteriorated, probably due to the worsening of my acid reflux disease and the onset of gallbladder disease I had dealt with in recent years. All the vomiting bile and acid had eroded my enamel and I had cavities between my teeth because I didn't floss.

Plus I still had dodge brushing habits. So I had some fillings done. Recently I had some done on both sides of my mouth. I've gotten fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste with extra fluoride but keep in mind while I lived at grandmother's and the new apartment, I had/have well water. No fluoride. Well after I had those fillings done, one of my teeth began to hurt. It kept hurting and got very painful and presented with my first toothache ever. So went to the dentist. They brought me back and filed it up some and said try that. I said, "It still hurts!"

So finally they conferred and said the only thing they could do would be a root canal. I had never had one of these done but had heard horror stories. However if it meant no more pain, I was all for it. Guess what? They are expensive!

So anyway I said I couldn't go on like this. So go ahead. So they started a root canal and guess what? My tooth started to pour blood everywhere because it had gotten infected since the filling they did was quite deep. The dental assistant said it was a good thing I hadn't waited to come see them or get the canal done. So they left it open and gave me antibiotics to take. Woot.

I did all that and went back to finish the thing. They went in and finished it and put a filling over, but I have to go back again and get a crown on it. Let me just say I can't chew on that side of my face, it hurt so bad. They didn't numb me or anything. She poked me once and it hurt really bad and she said it shouldn't hurt there. It might be a split tooth. GRRRRR Maybe not though, she might have poked me in the gums. So we'll see.

I took some pain meds they gave me. Haven't fallen asleep yet but I feel sleepy. And back for the crown at the end of the month. BOO!

Oh forgot to tell you. They just opened a brand new office. So I went there for this last appt. Turns out they haven't ordered all the supplies they need. So they were out of ALOT. So they didn't have some of the things the dentist was asking for. >.< Yeah I know. You should have been prepared people and ordered before you opened. Also she took a lighter to the end of one the instruments-to cauterize since I was bleeding. He jerked it a bit and it burned my lip just slightly.

Reminds me of the guy that left a mental piece in one of Mom's teeth.


Poem In Your Pocket Day

In celebration of Poem In Your Pocket Day, here's a poem you can put in your virtual pocket:

by George Scarbrough

(Polk County, Tennessee)

Always in transit
we were always temporarily
in exile,
each new place seeming
after a while
and for a while
our home.

Because no matter
how far we traveled
on the edge of strangeness
in a small county,
the earth ran before us
down red clay roads
blurred with summer dust,
banked with winter mud.

It was the measurable,
pleasurable earth
that was home.
Nobody who loved it
could ever be really alien.
Its tough clay, deep loam,
hill rocks, small flowers
were always the signs
of a homecoming.

We wound down through them
to them,
and the house we came to,
whispering with dead hollyhocks
or once in spring
sill-high in daisies,
was unimportant.
Wherever it stood,
it stood in earth,
and the earth welcomed us,
open, gateless,
one place as another.
And each place seemed
after a while
and for a while
our home:
because the county
was only a mansion
kind of dwelling
in which there were many
We only moved from one
room to another,
getting acquainted
with the whole house.

And always the earth
was the new floor under us,
the blue pinewoods the walls
rising around us,
the windows the openings
in the blue trees
through which we glimpsed,
always farther on,
sometimes beyond the river,
the real wall of the mountain,
in whose shadow
for a little while
we assumed ourselves safe,
secure and comfortable
as happy animals
in an unvisited lair:

which is why perhaps
no house we ever lived in
stood behind a fence,
no door we ever opened
had a key.

It was beautiful like that.
For a little while.